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Majors and Colleges

Learn by Focusing

At Cal Poly, you’ll focus early. Your first year, you’ll start taking classes in your major; we want you hands-on and elbow-deep as soon as possible. Once you’ve begun to develop specialized skills and knowledge, you’ll take a step back and take general education courses.

You declare a major on your application, so NOW is the time to

Learn by Following Your Own Path

“Don’t be afraid to change what you want your career to be. I majored in Animal Science to go to veterinary school, but in my last few quarters I got interested in range management. After grad school in environmental policy, I went to work as a life scientist for the EPA—a job that uses all my skills. There are so many opportunities in life; what you initially think you want to study won’t limit you.” –Cara Peck, ’04


Specialty Academic Programs

  • Honors Program - Provides highly motivated and successful students with a broad and challenging learning experience through participation in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.

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