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The Mustangs on Skates

After a dominant season, Cal Poly Club Roller Hockey is headed to the national championship tournament. The club's Divison 3 Gold team only lost one game in the regular season, and claimed second place in the regional tournament. Find out more about the team that will represent their school at the national level below.

Gallery: The 2018 Coastal Clash

	Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | The Cal Poly Hockey Club travelled to UC Santa Barbara to take on the blue-green rival and other Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League teams. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | Business administration sophomore Joe Blakewell is a defenseman on the Division I team. Blakewell watches the Cal Poly division III Gold team open the tournament against UC Santa Barbara. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | In the locker room, business administration junior and forward Jake Stom prepares for the match. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | As with any other athlete, business administration sophomore and defenseman Max Frenkel has a set of routine pregame rituals. “I blast pump up music for a couple of minutes, my go-to is ‘Seek and Destroy’ by Metallica, and visualize myself doing good things on the rink.” 	Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | As a first year on the division I team, business administration freshman and forward Alex Chaple’s duties include carrying, filling, and maintaining the team’s water bottles. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | When on the rink before the game, business administration senior and forward Nick Peterson stretches during warm-ups. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | The team forms a huddle before the start of the game, discussing the best way to take own the UCSB gauchos. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | The huddle is also a way for the players to hype each other up, getting excited for the match at hand. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | The Division III Gold’s team coach Bryan Carnahan uses a white board to explain a play. Carnahan is a Cal Poly hockey club alumni, having played all four years while attending Cal Poly. 
        I just tell them if they’re doing anything wrong out there,” said Carnahan. “For the most part these guys know what they’re doing out there. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | Business administration senior and forward Marly Stallings moves in towards the goal. Stallings has 25 goals and 16 assists for the dominant Cal Poly Division III Gold team. Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | “I’m just trying to move up as quickly as possible.” said Stallings “I’m trying to get them on their heels, and whenever a shot is there, try to take it.” Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | Stallings scored three goals in the Mustangs’ 11-4 win. “I usually like to go glove side, that’s my only move,” said Stallings. “So if that’s not open I’m pretty screwed if I try to go on my backhand. But I’m confident I’ll finish.” Jan 27th 2018 | UCSB | Scoring three goals in one game, called a hat trick, is always a happy moment.

For the Love of the Game

Students participate in club sports for the athletic competition and pure love for the game. Three Cal Poly Roller Hockey Club players describe their favorite hockey-related memories.

Video Feature: "The Mouth"

Sophomore defenseman Vincent Leuzze gets talkative on the rink. Hear more from "The Mouth" himself.

The Mustangs' Season

See the journey of the Cal Poly D3 Gold team's historic season.