1960 On October 29, a plane carrying the Cal Poly football team crashes in Toledo, Ohio. Sixteen football players, the student manager and a Cal Poly booster die and many more are seriously injured.
1960 Control of Cal Poly and all other state colleges is transferred from the State Board of Education to an independent Board of Trustees.
1963 The Computer Center is established.
1966 On June 30, Julian McPhee retires after serving 33 years as president.
1966 The Kellogg-Voorhis Unit is split from Cal Poly and becomes a separate college. Enrollment in San Luis Obispo reaches 7,740 students (2,087 women and 5,653 men).
1967 On May 1, Robert E. Kennedy is named president by the CSU Board of Trustees.
1967 The curriculum is reorganized into four units: School of Agriculture, School of Engineering, School of Applied Arts, and School of Applied Sciences.
1967 On April 10, the campus newspaper's name is changed to the Mustang Daily, although the paper is only published three times a week.
1968 The School of Architecture is created.

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