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Beers and Baseball

A few buddies get together to enjoy a little postseason baseball.

Attending a sports bar with the sole intention of watching a baseball game and grabbing a few drinks with your buddies has become somewhat of a rarity for students now a days. And it’s not that difficult to figure out why. The viewing experience at your home is more affordable and superior to that of a weekday night at a sports bar. When your home, you can drink your own cheap beer, eat your own shitty heartburn inducing food, and best of all it completely eliminates any chance of you having to engage in an uncomfortable conversation with one of the bar room degenerates who finds their family so horribly unbearable that instead of going home to spend time with them, they choose to go to a bar on a weeknight to watch one of the2,430 regular season baseball game. So why go to a bar when you can just Google a free reddit live stream link, and you will have countless options to stream any game you want within seconds (allegedly).But that’s for the regular season. When the playoffs come around that’s a whole different story. There is nothing better than a sports bar during a playoff game, regardless of the sport.It’s like sports bars possess some sort of mystical power to just make everyone’s ability to feel shame melt away, which in turn often results in some of the most obnoxious fandom ever. It usually starts of fairly slow, but all you need is one ambitious fan to get the train rolling. All you need is one guy who starts clapping a little louder than necessary and who tosses out an occasional fist pump just a little to aggressively, and then next thing you know all hell has broken loose.You blink and it’s somehow escalated from a guy clapping loudly, to grown men celebrating balls and strikes by running around and ripping off their shirts like they are Brandi Chastain at the World Cup.And the over celebrating is just the beginning. Then the competition to see who is the biggest fan begins, and that where the real obnoxiousness kicks in. That is when fans like the one guy who has to make it blatantly clear to the entire rest of the bar that he, “Isn’t one of those phony bandwagon fans”, and the fan who keeps trying to no avail to get either a team chant or aUSA chant started, really shine. And best of all, you can always depend on there being fewAlpha males who react to everything that happens, good or bad, by swearing as loud as they possibly can. And the guys taking part in said loud swearing usually look just intimidating enough, that the father of the family with the young kids sitting next to said swearers is going to decide against asking them to watch their language. Instead he’ll just make his family finish their food quickly, or take it to go. And those are just a few of the more common characters that frequent the sports bars around the playoffs, you're always bound to find a few obnoxious unicorns out there as well.So obviously, I figured what better idea than documenting a group of Dodger fans going out to a sports bar to watch the Dodgers vs Diamondbacks playoff game. Seems like a content goldmine. Unfortunately I made the mistake of documenting a group of three Dodger fans who had the audacity to act like normal civilized people while watching their favorite baseball team get a series clinching victory. But while none of them ended up being the over top larger than life fans I had been expecting, each one’s fandom manifested itself in its own unique way. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA This is the trio of Dodger fans referenced in the image above. Pictured from left to right we
have,fourth year Ag Systems Management major Sean McCoy, fourth year Business major Alex
Deatherage, and fourth year Biomedical Engineering major Aiden Kelly. All three of them are
part of the ROTC Program on campus. That is where they developed their close friendship, and
also discovered their mutual affinity for the Dodgers.. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA Kelly is the least invested of the three. This is evident by the lack of attention he is paying over the next three slides. He completely misses Dodger phenom, Cody Bellinger’s fifth inning at bat in which he hit an opposite field home run.But that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He grew up on the East Coast, so the Dodgers aren’t wildly important to him. “I’ve never really been much of a baseball fan. But freshman year when I got to Cal Poly it was right about when playoffs started, and I couldn’t walk into a dorm room without a game on. So eventually I just decided if I was going to watch all this baseball I might as well pick a team to root for, and my friends were Dodger fans so I just jumped on that bandwagon, and I’ve been riding it ever since.”. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA See here you can see McCoy and Deatherage begin to realize Bellinger just hit a ball real far.
McCoy even subtly nudges Deatherage’s forearm to bring to his attention to something he was
already well aware of. But where is Kelly’s focus? It seems as if he is just smiling off into the
distance not paying even the slightest attention to the whats transpiring on the television to his
left. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA McCoy gives a Kirk Gibson esque fistpump, as the ball finally clears the left field fence giving
the Dodgers a two run lead. All the Dodger fans strewn about the bar erupted in cheers. All but
one, Adain Kelly. Kelly instead missed Bellinger’s home run because he was watching an
inconsequential down in the Monday Night Football game. Luckily for him though, he has a
friend like Deatherage who it looks like took absolutely no joy in pointing out and belittling him
for his blunder. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA Deatherage is by far and away the most bitter fan of the three. He has been a Dodger fan since
around the second grade, meaning he has not only seen the Dodgers fail in the postseason a
number of different times, but he like all Dodger fans post 1988 hasn’t experienced a World
Series. And his bleak outlook on the team he loves so, is a big part of the reason he took the
initiative to put the nights plans in motion. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA “I knew we were all free tonight, so I figured we all better go watch a game together before they
(the Dodgers) choke in the next series and head home early again.” Deatherage further
expounded on his lack of faith in the team he follows so closely lamenting that, “They lose every
year in the NLCS. Why would I assume this year would be any different? I love them, but I will
never have any faith in them until they finally prove me wrong.”. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA And if Deatherage is the most bitter of the bunch, that would make McCoy the optimist.
McCoy was raised near San Diego, but decided not to root for his hometown team the Padres,
(who I often forget even exist) and instead became a Dodger fan. He like Deatherage is a
longtime fan, but when it comes to their outlook on and expectations for the postseason, they
couldn’t be more different.
“Alex thinks because it [winning the World Series] hasn’t happened for a long time, it never will. I
think since it hasn’t happened for a long time, were due,” Sean says as he finishes the last of
the beer in his glass.“I mean we have gotten so close so many different times you’d have to
figure eventually we’ll pull it off. And right now it looks we’re starting to get hot like we did during
the Summer and if we start playing like that again, then I like our chances? Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA The Dodgers ended up winning the game 3-1, therefore clinching a spot in the NLCS where
they will face the series winner between the Nationals and the Cubs. The friends decided to buy
one more round to celebrate the win. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA The three friends begin their trek back home. Game one of the NLCS is
October 14th. Photo: October 9, 2017|Firestone Grill|San Luis Obispo,CA

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