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WELCOME! to San Luis Obispo chef Eric Roses's small corner of the World Wide Web.

I have retired as Catering Chef for Cal Poly,California Polytechnic State University - Campus Dining, in San Luis Obispo, California. Our sprawling campus lies on the central coast halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

My interests are varied but, currently, they include learning HTML and developing this web page. The layout and content of this site will be changing constantly as my knowledge of HTML increases. For now I will be adding links to food related sites and to documents and tools for creating HTML. My creativity will only be limited by disc space.

I welcome any and all comments relating to the development of this page.

Please report "dead end links".

My family in Gainesville, FL

Click Here to read my resume if you are an employer seeking an experienced chef, or just want to see where I've been in these United States. For a full length photo of yours truly in "Chef's Whites" Drool Here.


I guess this old page is getting popular, so much so that my fellow "Netizens" are asking that I link their pages with mine! I have also added some interesting links I've found as well as some local, Central Coast, sites Check out this growing eclectic collection of high caliber pages.


California Polytechnic State University Foundation Home Page

Cal Poly Campus Dining Home Page

The Famous"Lighthouse"


Information for Cal Poly WWW providers.

JavaScript Made Easy! An EXCELLENT site with a plethora of resources for learning this subject. This site is ably maintained by Doug Popeney a mechanical engineering student here at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML

Zen and the Art of the Internet, a beginner's guide to the Internet, by Brenden P. Kehoe.

Effective Email, by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood.

The World-Wide Web Origins And Beyond, by Lenny Zelter.

Why should I put my business on the Internet? If you have been wondering about this topic visit this site.

Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet (1.04)

A comprehensive list of links for beginners from YAHOO!

"The W3c was founded in 1994 to develop common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web. The consortium is led by Tim Berners-Lee, director of the W3c and creator of the World Wide Web."



BayChef, the California Culinary Academy's online cooking resource

This site is home to the "Culinary Professional's Online Newsletter", competently edited by Gary Holleman ( This electronic publication discusses new, and newly discovered, online resources for, by, and about professional culinarians. It's a great place for the dedicated amateur also.
Just tonight, Nov. 10, `97, I learned of the death of Gary Holleman. A memorial page has been set up by his friends. If you knew Gary or he touched your life in some way please add your thoughts to this page. I, as well as many who left condolences, have never met Gary in person. He was the original "CyberChef". I remember asking him Internet questions early in my exploration of this medium and his patient and helpful replies.
The Culinary as well as Cyber world will miss this pioneer.

Want to join the American Culinary Federation, the nation's largest association of Chefs and Cooks? This is their home on the web with all the information you need to become a part of this prestigious organization.
The ACF offers Chef Certification from Certified Cook (CC) to Certified Master Chef(CMC). It has also been recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Labor as an accrediting body for culinary schools, as such they maintain a list of Certified Schools.
Culinary educational materials, such as videos and tapes are also available to members.

The "eGG", electronic Gourmet Guide, is an e-zine. Its format is similar to "Gourmet" or "Bon Apetit". It includes food and equipment articles, recipes, and interviews. For you ACF members there are articles about the federation from time to time.

The "Gumbo Pages" not only include recipes but a wealth of information about New Orleans and Louisiana. I recently returned from a trip to NO and reading these pages made it all that more enjoyable. Thanks Chuck!

American Wine on the Web, is a sister publication of the eGG and as the name says it deals with wine and wine related subjects.

Usenet Cookbook's Dessert Menu

Mimi Hiller's Page contains a large collection of her own recipes plus over 500 food-related links.

Rolling your own Sushi, textbook quality, with diagrams. Includes the always popular California roll.

The Sierra Software Home Page. This site is home to the folks that market, IMHO, one of the best recipe storage and retrieval programs for the money, Mastercook. I beta tested Mastercook for the original developers, Arion Software, and am still using it in our operation at Cal Poly.It has been very useful software. Check it out for yourself.

Please address any comments or ideas for improvement to the following address;

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