Oh, The Places
They'll Go...

The Vision

As a university, Cal Poly offers many interesting experiences when it comes to education- one of those is studying abroad. Take a look at Cal Poly students journies around the world as they embark on their international studies.

October 11, 2015. Students swarm to Dexter Lawn on Cal Poly’s campus for the annual study abroad fair, where study abroad programs market an international education to young Mustangs. The study abroad fair is popular amongst the Cal Poly student body, and takes an entire year of careful planning and organization to put on. Green tents filled the lawn with representatives from various Cal Poly-affiliated study abroad programs. October 11, 2016. University Study Abroad Consortium, better known as USAC, is one of the most popular study abroad programs used by Cal Poly students. Their booth at the fair was packed with students skimming their colorful pamphlets. October 11, 2016. A Canadian flag flutters in the wind at the MultiCultural Center booth. The MultiCultural Center supports minorities on Cal Poly campus, and strives to create a safe environment where they can promote diversity and explore cross-cultural connections among Cal Poly student body. October 11, 2016. Kinesiology senior Emily Granger is club president of the International Club on Cal Poly’s campus. At the study abroad fair she recruited students who shared her passion of bringing new cultures to San Luis Obispo. Members of the club host social events for International students on Cal Poly campus, in an effort to make the adjustment process less intense. “As a SLO local, I just want people to feel at home in my home,” said Granger. October 11, 2016. Business senior Carole Fuss, a student representative from USAC, speaks to Business Admin Freshman Michaela Francisco on Dexter Lawn. Francisco expressed her interest in travelling to France at some point in her college career. October 11, 2016. Throughout the four hours of the fair, students filtered through, visiting multiple tents, talking to study abroad ambassadors and receiving useful information about how to make study abroad possible. October 11, 2016. Kristine Roberts and Miriam Rabbeh are stationed at the first stop of the fair, where they pass out information about each program. “We expect anywhere from 400 to 1,000 students to come through today,” said Roberts. October 11, 2016. Students then slowly snake their way through the maze of green tents on the lawn, while visiting booths of programs that interest them. October 11, 2016. After speaking to a representative, students can sign up for emails and alerts from their favorite study abroad program. Freshman Nutrition major Haley Wintsch puts down her information for Cal Poly’s International Exchange program. October 11, 2016. After four hours of mingling, students slowly disappear from Dexter Lawn, and a years worth of planning and organization is successfully completed.

The Memories

Anna Laird, a General Engineering Senior, reflects on the daily Parisian life she encountered while in France last Spring. San Luis Obispo, there is a cheese shop called Fromagerie Sophie where Laird frequents to remind herself of the French delecacies she misses.

The Buzz

Listen to the sounds of study abroad. Here are the unique experiences of three Cal Poly students who studied abroad in France and Spain.

The Numbers

Below is a numeric representation of study abroad. Below are the most popular countries and cities that attract international students.

Study abroad stats

"Exploration is really
the essence of the
human spirit."
- Frank Borman