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    Glenn Friesen: Data Scientist, SEO, Capricorn

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    Helping people find what they're looking for.

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    People first. Words second. Numbers third.

Clean Code

At some point, you'll have to see that code again or share it. Best to keep it very neat and clean.

Technical Support

I like talking to people about technology. I'll always provide some level of support for the things I build.


I don't ignore and neglect people. I'll be in touch if you reach out. I'm on all the normal social networks.


There's that balance between doing things and documenting what you're doing. It's a maintained balance.


I see little different between qualitative and quantitative measures. They are completely interdependent.


I love California, the United States, and the Earth. I love my family. I love humanity. I love SEO and IA.

Whois record:

I make information accessible - through analytics, design and architecture.

I help people (and robots) find, orient and navigate the web.

I speak HTML, CSS, SQL, jQuery, R and English fluently, and play around with a few other languages like Python, D3, Javascript, and Japanese.

Quotations / mantras