Theta Chi Fraternity orchestrated a beach clean at Avila Beach as a part of Make a Difference Day in partnership with Cal Poly’s Center for Service in Action and United Way of San Luis Obispo County on October 28,2017


Greeks and Philanthrophy is a website aimed to peak into the different aspects of Greek life that sometimes go unseen and highlight the Cal Poly Greek community and the service and philanthropy that they do.Cal Poly’s greek life makes up 20 percent of the student body. Roughly 3,500 affiliated members across 36 Panhellenic (PHA), Interfraternity Council (IFC) and United Sorority and Fraternity Council chapters.


We take a peak into the fraternity recruitment process. Most of the fraternities affliated with Cal Poly have both national and local organizations that they volunteer for, help organize events with and donate to such as Jack's Helping Hand, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Make a Wish Foundation.

The search for which fraternity to join begins here, at least for most young men at Cal Poly. 17 affiliated fraternities each only looking to add quality men who share the same morals and values. (Interfraterinty Council Rush Barbeque- Tuesday October 3, 2017) “Emotions are high, if you’re a potential new member, but very bleak if you’re already on the other side because on this day as the man flirting is at an all time high. It’s a very high stress day for a lot of people ” Tom Cunnie, IFC Vice President of Recruitment (Interfraterinty Council Rush Barbeque- Tuesday October 3, 2017) “Honestly, it feels like once you take that first picture, they’re watching your every move and you got to do your best to impress them.” Keaton Macdonald, Freshman Materials Engineer (Corn hole Cookout October 5, 2017) ”Halfway through the week you realize that every fraternity does the same events and you’ve been eating burgers and hotdogs all week.” Logan Garby (Corn Hole Cookout – October 5, 2017) “Ask literally any fraternity brothers what their favorite part about recruitment is and they’ll probably say eating all the left over food.” –Kingsly Fabionar Junior BRAE (Tri –Tips and Hawaiians- October 6, 2017) “After telling the same guy your year and major for fifth time this week you start to wonder when and if this process will ever end.” –Sam Korff, Junior Industrial Engineer (Tri-Tips and Hawaiians- October 6, 2017) “Finally comes every fraternity’s sports days. It’s real chance for potential new members to show their value in their own element on the field... (Sigma Nu Sports Day – October 6, 2017)’s also a chance for every one to take off their shirt.” Connor Quiroz Sophmore AG Business Major (Sigma Nu Sports Day – October 6, 2017) “Some fraternities like to exhibit their manhood by doing other things. Like us, we like smashing fruit.” Ryan Mattel, Junior Industrial Engineer ( Smash and Bash – October 7, 2017) “It’s actually really fun to let out all of your frustrations you’ve had building up because it’s really hard to choose which group of guys you want to surround yourself with for the rest of your college career.” – Tristan Martinez, Sophmore Buisness Administration ( Smash and Bash – October 7, 2017) “At the end of the day, every fraternity on this campus is going to give you relatively the same thing. It’s about the people you want to call brothers and the people you will stick by no matter what. It’s about the values and pillar that you want to allow yourself to grow under as you go through these four or more years of college.” – Timothy Holst, Wine and Viticulture (Phi Kappa Psi Sports Day October 6, 2017)

Carving for Cancer

Greek life organizations put on events for other organizations to participate in and help raise money for their respective philanthropy. The video highlights Carving for Cancer presented by Delta Chi Fraternity. All the proceeds from this event go to Delta Chi's national philanthropy the Jimmy V Foundation.

Hand in Hand

The question we asked some of the members in the Greek life community what their thoughts were on the realtionship between Greek Life and Philanthropy and how thye go hand in hand.

By the Numbers

Here's a look at the service and philanthrophy numbers across the three different councils at Cal Poly. Service hours and money donated are submitted by each individual chapter at the end of each quarter. All the submitted data is taken and put into an end of the year report. Some of the highest earning chapters include Tau Kappa Epsilon who earned $128,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Omega Xi Delta $90,000 for Along Comes Hope and PHA’s Sigma Kappa $49,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.