Cal Poly Summer R Workshop

August 19-21, 2019, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

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This workshop will help you launch, upgrade, and polish your skills in R programming. Participation in all or part of the workshop is completely free to all Cal Poly faculty and staff.

The workshop will take place over three full days. It is designed such that a participant may attend all three days, or join at whatever point is appropriate to their interests and skill level.

Day One (Monday, 8/19) will be targeted at brand-new R users. Participants will get R and RStudio set up on their computers, and will learn the basic first steps of writing code and looking at data via software.

Day Two (Tuesday, 8/20) is designed for those who already use R in some capacity, or those who have completed Workshop Day One. Participants will learn good coding and reproducibililty practices, gain more sophisticated data analysis and visualization skills, and learn tips for expanding their repertoire independently.

Day Three (Wednesday, 8/21) is designed for those who are proficient in R, or who have completed Workshop Day Two. We will cover advanced topics and field-specific special topics requested by participants.

Course materials will be posted publicly here: R Workshop Materials

Please feel free to email us with any questions!


Cal Poly Campus - Room TBD. San Luis Obispo, CA


Time Slot Description
DAY ONE Introduction to R For those who are brand new to R and/or statistical programming, or who need to refresh their basic knowledge.
9h00 Check-in / Breakfast -
9h30 Getting Started with R This will be a first introduction to statistical programming and to the R Statistical Software. We will install R and RStudio, learn how to write basic code for data analysis, and create R Markdown reports.
11h30 Lunch -
12h30 Basics of Data Analysis We will learn to read, clean, and summarize data using R; and to make clean and informative data visualizations.
2h30 Coffee-break -
3h00 From Data to Deliverable We will learn more advanced methods of data cleaning and manipulation, as well as basic statistical analyses. We will also practice good principles of reproducibility and data communication.
DAY TWO Intermediate R For those who already use R (or completed Day One), and who wish to refine or improve their skills.
9h00 Check-in / Breakfast -
9h30 Fundamentals of Data Analysis We will establish good practices of code design, reproducibility and data management, and review basic data cleaning, manipulation, plotting, and analysis. (Day One attendees may wish to skip this module.)
11h30 Lunch -
12h30 Beyond the Basics We will learn more advanced data manipulation and visualization techniques. We will also be introduced to new data types, including strings and dates.
2h30 Coffee-break -
3h00 Onward and Upward For those who are proficient in R, or have completed Day Two. This module will prepare you to streamline and automate your data analyses. We will learn to write functions, and use them in loops and functional programming. We will also practice learning new packages and techniques.
DAY THREE Advanced R Special topics and advanced programming with R.
9h00 Check-in / Breakfast -
9h30 Interactive Apps with Shiny We will learn to use the Shiny package to create interactive analyses and visualizations.
11h30 Lunch -
12h30 Special Topics [Participant-requested topics]
2h30 Coffee-break -
3h00 Special Topics [Participant-requested topics]


  • Kelly Bodwin

    Kelly is an Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department at Cal Poly, where she teaches courses in R and multivariate statisics. Her favorite R package is stringr.

  • Hunter Glanz

    Hunter is an Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department at Cal Poly, where he teaches programming in R and SAS, statistical learning, and data science. His favorite R package is ggplot2.


Code of Conduct

Everyone who comes to learn and enjoy the experience should feel welcome at this workshop.

Inclusiveness Policy: We welcome all who come to learn and enjoy the experience without prejudice, and ask attendees to help us make the event a fantastic time for everyone. We support the Diversity Charter for technology events. We want our events and the events we attend to both reflect and encourage the diversity of the R community, with participants who represent various points on the spectrums of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, abilities, wealth, language, and politics.

Anti-Harassment Policy: We expect everyone in attendance to contribute to a welcoming, civil, safe, and tolerant environment. RStudio and the tidyverse team are committed to fostering a productive, harassment-free experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.