Gotcha! - Application #1
Considering that an introductory communication class virtually offers itself to the exploratory nature of human interaction, the “Gotcha!” project was the first application of “Listen, Laugh and Learn.” Students were given a specific task to truly interact with their peers. Specifically, outside of the classroom after they had been charged with the content of a podcast that triggered a sort-of elimination game where they had to apply class concepts while seeking out peers whenever and wherever they would see them. In our formal online survey, students have repeatedly pointed towards this experience as one of the most enjoyable and educational tasks of the class. This project has both informality and competitiveness as an underlining pedagogical tool, which we believe succeeded due to both of these elements. Student testimonials were unsolicited and enthusiastic on numerous occasions. In this case, the need to be ADA compliant with the addition of the PDF text files, transformed this idea into a tangible and focused application.
Application #1 Podcast
gotcha graphic
Download the PDF transcript: