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Birding Links


Birding Listserv Archives

San Luis Obispo County
Santa Barbara County
CALBIRDS - Statewide Rare Bird Listserv
California Birding List Digest - All the lists collected on one page
Hi Mountain Condors
Ornithology Discusion Group

California Birding Web Pages

Morro Coast Audubon Society
Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival
Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages - A great site with links to every county in the state.
Monterey County - Don Roberson's excellent website with bird families of the world and other info.
Santa Barbara County - Jamie Chavez's website.
California Bird Records Committee. Submit a rare bird sighting or view their picture gallery.
Western Field Ornithologists - Subscribe to the Journal Western Birds.
Santa Barbara Audubon Society
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society
Santa Cruz Bird Club - A great site with tons of bird info.
Hopper Mountain - US Fish & Wildlife Service Condor page.
Ventana Wilderness Society
High Mountain Lookout - A local Condor tracking site.

Bird Friendly Commercial Web Pages

Embarcadero Inn - Offers custom birding maps, binoculars, and birder package deals to guests. In Morro Bay, CA.

National Links

American Birding Association
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
AOU American Ornithologists' Union
Utah Birding
Arizona Field Ornithologists
Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory
Portal, AZ
Tucson Audubon Society