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Applied Math Seminar > Winter and Spring 2006 >

:: Cal Poly Applied Math Seminar ::

Location: Math Dept Seminar Room (25-208B)
Time: Wednesdays 1:10pm – 2:00pm

Date: Speaker: Title:
1/25/06 Paul Choboter Upwelling over topography: An "obstacle problem"
2/8/06 Elena Velasquez Wavelets
3/8/06 Colleen Kirk Blow-up and Quenching Problems
4/19/06 Al Jimenez Some Nonlinear Time-dependent Problems in the design, development and manufacturing of Electronics
5/03/06 Peter V. Schwartz
and Tim Arlen
Monte Carlo models molecules that crystallize and evaporate in 2 dimensions on a metal surface: surprises, difficulties, and opportunities. Can the mathematicians help us?
5/31/06 Caixing Gu Realization theory of a class of 2-D discrete time systems

To schedule a seminar, please contact Paul Choboter.
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