Welcome to the (old) North American Railcar Operator's Association's web site. The new page location is: http://www.narcoa.org -- please join us there, as this page is no longer updated.
NARCOA is dedicated to the preservation and safe, legal operation of railroad equipment historically used in the maintenance of way.

There are two web pages, written by NARCOA members, which may serve as an introduction to the hobby of taking excursions on North American railroads in a motorcar. For an introduction to the hobby out west, check out Grover Cleveland's home page.

The motorcar pictured below belongs to Mark Springer of Wichita, KS. He has written an article on an Algoma Central excursion taken with this car.


NARCOA is a democratic organization of just over 1,000 members. There are several important documents which govern its operation:


Rule Book (for operating equipment at an excursion)

Operation's Book (for details on setting up and running a NARCOA excursion)


If this hobby appeals to you, please join us. Membership includes a subscription to the THE SETOFF, the NARCOA newsletter which is published six times a year. Dues are $20 a year.

For information on joining NARCOA, please write:

Joel Williams
Box 82
Greendell, NJ 07839

All NARCOA sanctioned excursions are insured with a $10M third party liability policy. Membership does not include this liability insurance, needed for operation of your equipment. Information on the policy is available upon request from:

Tom Norman
1047 Terrace View Dr.
Alberton, MT 59820

Additionally, most excursions collect funds with which the railroad is paid for operation of the excursion upon its tracks.

For general information, please e-mail me at: rzammit@monet.aix.calpoly.edu



All NARCOA operators are interested in safety on the rails. To insure overall safe operation of the nation's railroads, there are organizations responsible for regulations which govern the operation of the rail system. Of particular interest is the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). You can learn more of this important agency via the FRA home page and FRA information page.

Of note is the new rules concerning "roadway worker safety." It is possible these new rules will change some of our operations. There are two documents on this topic: document #1 and document #2.

Of additional interest is the Association of American Railroads' (AAR) home page and the "General Code of Operating Rules" used by many of the railroads on which we operate.


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