Courses taught at Cal Poly State University



Freshman Level


EE 111: Introduction to Electrical Engineering

EE 151: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory



Sophomore Level


EE 201: Electric Circuit Theory (for non EE)

EE 241: Electric Circuit Analysis II Laboratory

EE 212: Electric Circuit Analysis III

EE 242: Electric Circuit Analysis III Laboratory

EE 251: Electric Circuits Lab (for non EE)

EE 255: Energy Conversion Electromagnetics

EE 295: Energy Conversion Electromagnetics Laboratory



Junior Level


EE 302: Classical Control Systems

EE 342: Classical Control Systems Laboratory

EE 346: Semiconductor Device Electronics Laboratory

EE 353: Signal Transmission Laboratory



Senior Level


EE 400: Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates

EE 406: Power Systems Analysis I

EE 407: Power Systems Analysis II

EE 410: Power Electronics I

EE 410 Lab: Power Electronics I Laboratory

EE 411: Power Electronics II

EE 411 Lab: Power Electronics II Laboratory

EE 433: Introduction to Magnetic Design

EE 433 Lab: Introduction to Magnetic Design Lab

EE 444: Power System Laboratory

EE 463: Senior Project Design I

EE 464: Senior Project Design II



Graduate Level


EE 500: Individual Study

EE 527: Advanced Topics in Power Electronics

EE 563: Graduate Seminar

EE 599: Master's Thesis