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Leslie St. John, a yoga teacher and English professor at Cal Poly -San Luis Obispo, has unified her passions of writing and yoga to “cultivate self-intimacy” in a practice she created called Prose and Poses. Through this unique practice, she is a muse that inspires others to tune into their creative bodies and minds in order to express this intimacy within themselves. Click this link to read about Leslie's story.

Prose and Poses

Leslie St. John hosted yoga and writing workshops at the Sagrada Wellness Retreat in Santa Margarita, California, from Jan. 26 through Jan. 28. St. John is the creator of Prose and Poses, a combination of yoga and writing that embraces self-intimacy and creativity. This weekend-long Prose and Poses retreat was called Hearing Your Voice. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo St. John started Prose and Poses and held her first retreat at Sagrada Wellness three years ago. Her workshops include open movement of the body, followed by free journal prompts. This weekend-long retreat included several yoga and journaling sessions, meditation walks, storytelling by the campfire, and more. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo On Saturday afternoon, St. John held a one-on-one yoga session with Mark Harrington, one of the four students that attended the retreat. Beethoven’s Third played in the background while they followed a simple Vinyasa flow to connect their breath with movement. “We wanted to integrate body, breath, and awareness so that we have that connection when we move into our writing,” St. John said. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo In between yoga and writing sessions, attendees often spent the afternoon in the living room, located outside of the studio. Its relaxing ambiance and cozy seating made it the perfect spot for reading, writing, and conversing. One of the books spread across the coffee table was Beauty Like a Rope, a poetry book written by St. John. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo Salomón Quintero, wanted to focus on self-improvement and writing after retiring in the Bay Area. He found this Prose and Poses retreat online, and felt it was the perfect opportunity. “I love Leslie,” Quintero said. “She explores different exercises that aren’t a part of any yoga practices I do so I’ve been enjoying that.” Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo St. John lead an intimate restorative yoga and meditation practice that focused on trusting the inner voice. She gathered the small group to the front of the room and introduced them to a figure of Kuan Yin, The Goddess of Compassion, to lead the practice. Quintero (left), Harrington (middle), Lena Sawyer (right) and Alex Gres (not pictured), payed close attention as St. John shared Kuan Yin’s story. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo Calagary, Canada native, Alex Gres signed up for this retreat in search of relaxation and California’s sunny weather. “I like meditation, I like yoga, and I love writing,” Gres said. “This was one of the rare times where I saw all three combined.” Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo St. John and Sawyer held a side-stretch child’s pose. “I have them practice some restorative poses and then I give them a journaling question,” St. John said. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo The focus of Saturday’s practice was “trusting”. Quintero, Harrington, Sawyer, and Gres shared personal stories with each other during the latter half of the restorative yoga and meditation practice. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo This Prose and Poses weekend retreat stressed the importance of listening, trusting, and expressing. St. John feels compelled to fully devote her time to those who attend any of her retreats. “I like to take students through this journey from start to finish,” St. John said. Photo Credit: Tabata Gordillo

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Meet Leslie

See how Leslie St. John combines her passion for movement, yoga and writing as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Music: https://www.bensound.com


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